Spirit Unbroken, Rick and Alice Garlock


Rick and Alice Garlock


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About Spirit Unbroken: the two sides of love

Driven by her life-long dream to find her maternal family in Japan, as a young girl Alice faces the darklings of her demeaning childhood, and as an adult, fights for her life back through self-discovery... and with her newfound heritage.

Spirit Unbroken is not only a beautifully written book but it is also a work of great importance. Rick and Alice Garlock have shown "the two sides of love" in a dramatic and at times explosive manner, and no reader who samples this book will turn away without finishing it. This book is Everyman reduced to the lowest—highest—denominator.

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Author Bio

Rick Garlock
Rick is the sixth child of a second son from infinite generations of farmers. He was born in the Midwest and raised within the confines of a large, loving family. Starting his own family at an early age, he moved up the corporate ladder through various positions of leadership while putting himself back through college and modestly dabbling in his second passion (after his family), writing. When thought almost broken by divorce and left with two small children to raise, he was rescued by the untamed spirit of Alice. With her help and support he now reaches beyond the office desk and private dreams of writing, and joins her in sharing her message of unbridled hope and endless love of life.

Alice Garlock
A child in the womb, she entered "hidden" into the United States, to be born a citizen two months later. Now, the oddity of this entry serves as the introduction to the oddity of the life she was destined to endure. But instead of looking at prejudice, poverty, and every abuse imaginable as destiny, she looked at them as chains to be broken. No one can preach and teach what Alice has learned in her everyday walk, to not only survive, but to forge a life that "counts." Today she "matters," not only to her husband and family, but to her public as she serves as an inspiration, giving hope to many who think they have none.


Awards and Reviews for Spirit Unbroken: the two sides of love :

Honorable Mention, 2008 DIY Award Festival

Spirit Unbroken: the two sides of love received Honorable Mention in the Memoir/Autobiography category at the 2008 DIY Award Festival.  All category winners and honorable mentioned will be honored in February in Hollywood, CA.

Reviewers Choice book, Midwest Book Review

“Spirit Unbroken: the two sides of love is Alice Garlock’s recollection of trying to find her ancestral origins. A product of the intermingling of American GIs and Japanese women after World War II, Alice returns to her mother’s land in order to find the family she never knew. The tale is touching and will encourage those with estranged family to attempt to seek them as well. Spirit Unbroken is a great choice for those seeking an upbeat tale of finding home in a place so far away from it.”
Midwest Book Review
Five-star review

Featured Book, Rebecca’s Reads

“This is a book you are not going to want to put down...  An emotional, heart-wrenching memoir [that] also shows just how strong we are capable of being. … I highly recommend this incredible story.”
Rebecca’s Reads
Five-star review

"A genuine, emotion-gripping, real-life drama — not something dreamed up by runaway imagination. The people are real people. The events are real events. The story is a roller coaster ride, rising up to highs of happy times and dropping to lows of anguish in the human spirit. Read it and you will agree with me."

Robert H. Redding, Editor
Conner Woods Publishing

“This book is a testimony to the strength of the human spirit and to the durability of the hope and faith of two people who refuse to be defeated, no matter what the odds. And no one who reads this book will come away without being deeply affected."

Robert L. Williams
Author and President of Rusty Gates Books

"Spirit Unbroken:  the two sides of love
is an incredible story of redemption, told with brutal honesty and amazing compassion.  Alice's journey from a devastating childhood to ultimate deliverance a half a world away is heartbreaking and heart-mending at the same time.  The recounting of her unmatched strength is truly inspiring, and her husband's powerful love and tender compassion is combined with perfect timing from above to create this tale of genuine miracles."
Glen W. Granholm
Author, Experience, Strength and Hope





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